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    The Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center plans to implement the Shipbuilding Cluster Development Program, with the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex at its core, in order to further promote the shipbuilding industry and improve the efficiency of the continental shelf development in Russia’s Far East and Arctic regions.

    Program goals

    • Establishment of a shipbuilding business cluster for the construction in the Russian Far East of commercial ships to transport  cargo and of offshore platforms to extract natural resources on the continental shelf
    • Increasing the density of viable businesses to produce ships, offshore platforms, and machinery, and their related companies (electronics, steel processing, etc.) and improve the domestic content
    • Making products of the cluster more marketable and the Russian shipbuilding position stronger both internationally and domestically

    Program objectives

    • Alignment of the cluster growth and domestic manufacturing with the  business evolution and requirements of the oil and gas sector
    • Boosting economic vitality, improving operational efficiency and optimizing the costs of the cluster companies
    • Technology transfer and the development of the transportation, utility, and social infrastructure for the cluster
    • Creation of fertile ground for bringing highly trained professionals into the shipbuilding industry and its allied sectors
    • Achievement of the synergistic potential and improvement of the cluster participants’ operational efficiency

    The Far Eastern cluster will have in its territory the entire product cycle that will enable the creation of a platform to exchange specific knowledge and experiences in the shipbuilding industry, the development of a cohort of production and project competencies, the involvement with the international projects, and the attraction of more investments in the Russian Far East. 

    Stimulative clustering policy will support

    • Bringing together major cluster participants to one location
    • Cluster collaboration: exchange of technologies, components, and products
    • Achieving synergies and enhancing the viability of the cluster companies
    • Rise in the number of small- and mid-scale startups
    • Improving the efficiency of the post-secondary education system
    • Efficiently combining the expertise, funding, and technologies f
    • Ensuring greater innovation and  accelerated growth in the innovative sector

    Developing regional shipbuilding in the form of a business cluster will become a powerful tool for the industry to further penetrate a market characterized by a conservative approach to business development and a high level of capital, technology and knowledge intensiveness.