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    The Far Eastern Yard Zvezda in Bolshoi Kamen Bay hosts an ongoing pilot project, the construction of one of the most advanced shipyards in Russia.

    The project envisages the development of a shipyard, the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex, specialized in construction of large ships, and the deployment of its production facilities.

    The project is a constructed-from-scratch type with renovation of some facilities located within the development area. It will include the construction of all the production facilities and infrastructure and procurement of the production technology for the best functioning of the new enterprise. The shipyard facilities will feature the latest production equipment, robotic work cells, machine-driven and automated lines, standard jigs and fixtures, and IT systems to support the high-tech production and the use of machines and automation to ensure  a high quality and commercially successful product. 

    On completion of the construction project, the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex will be able to construct tankers with a displacement of up to 350 thousand tons, LNG carriers up to 250,000 cubic meters, ice class vessels, specialized vessels with a launch weight up to 29,000 tons, offshore platform units, and other types of ships.


    Primorsky Krai, Bolshoi Kamen Bay, Pyat Okhotnikov (Five Hunters’) Bay

    project duration

    2010 – 2018

    Project goals

    • Construction of the first Russian modern shipyard for large vessels to meet the needs of the Russian customers
    • Commercial ship construction to transport cargo via Russia’s internal and external sea routes
    • Offshore platform construction to extract natural resources in the Russian continental shelf

    Highly qualified production and engineering personnel and a system for its training and retention are required to translate such large-scale goals into action. About 2,000 jobs will be created following the commissioning of the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex, Phase I, and 6,500 jobs upon the commissioning of the entire project.

    Project stages

    Phase I. Hull structures fabrication shop and paint shops (including an open final assembly area)

    Phase II. Dry dock and fabrication shops

    Phase III. A series of shops and a dry dock in the Mysovoy Community

    project details

    Expected employment: 6,500 people

    General designer: Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Technology Center, JSC

    Engineering Consultant: IMG Ingenieurtechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany)