Sea-Going Tug Alexander Piskunov Completes Sea Trials

 Sea-Going Tug Alexander Piskunov Completes Sea Trials

The sea-going tug Alexander Piskunov completed her sea trials in Vladivostok. The vessel contracted by the Pacific Fleet was constructed and launched at the Khabarovsk Shipyard (operating within the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center structure). Later the tug was moved first down the Amur, then along the Sea of Japan coast to the Khabarovsk Shipyard Delivery Facility in Vladivostok where she was finished up before delivery to the client.

The tug is named after Capt. 1st Rank Alexander Piskunov who was the Chief of the Pacific Fleet Auxiliary. She is large for her class and intended for towage, removal of grounded ships, extinguishing fires on ships in distress and along the waterfront, and diving support at a maximum depth of 20 m. The ship has an unrestricted area of navigation including the polar seas (Arc 4 Class). Her range is 4,000 miles at 12 knots.

The tug is equipped with a nearly 5-ton crane for cargo handling and at sea mooring in particular. Its reach enables it to handle cargo on either side of the tug. Three 500-1000 cubic meters per hour foam / water monitors are installed to combat ship fires. An ASD together with a bow thruster improve the ship’s steerability and maneuverability for assisting ships in distress and operating in the narrow waters. Crew comfort is achieved with a gym with various exercise machines, a 14-seat messroom, a sick bay, cabin bathrooms, a sauna and a laundry room. Climate control maintains comfortable temperature for any season.

Alexander Piskunov conducted her sea trials in Amur Bay. The tug performed a series of maneuvers to test equipment readiness for the day-to-day operation.

Main Dimensions

Length overall: 56.8 m

Length between perpendiculars: 52.3 m

Beam overall: 11.8 m

Depth: 5.8 m

Draft: 3.7 m

Displacement: 1,410 t

Accommodations: 19 crew / 27 total

The tug is powered by three main 1,500 kW diesel generator sets, one 200 kW harbor diesel generator set to supply loads during berthing time, and one 150 kW emergency diesel generator set.