Dalzavod Ship Repair Center Specialists Examined Museum Ship Krasny Vympel

Dalzavod Ship Repair Center Specialists Examined Museum Ship Krasny Vympel

The Dalzavod Ship Repair Center that operates as part of Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center has completed the first stage of repairs and restoration on the museum ship Krasny Vympel. The veteran of the Pacific Fleet converted into a warship from a dispatch boat in the early years of the last century will be returned to her berth at Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya in mid-June. 

The specialists of the Dalzavod Ship Repair Center completed the hull condition survey of the historic ship Krasny Vympel at Dry Dock 54 located in Diomede Bay.

“The original ship that started the Pacific Fleet has gone unfixed since the 70s of the last century, and repairs are long overdue,” Andrey Kositsyn, a Military History Museum employee, said. “An immense collection of historical records from the Krasny Vympel moved to the museum for storage during the period of repair. The preservation of this historic ship is important for Vladivostok and the Pacific Fleet since it is a remarkable reminder of our maritime glory days on the Pacific Ocean.”

The ship’s hull was scraped free of a thick crust of barnacles and ooze and then inspected for failure and damage.

“The survey comprised a series of procedures, also including ultrasonic measurements,” Alexey Dekterev, Construction Supervisor for the Dalzavod Ship Repair Center, said. “It allowed us to assess the hull condition and the necessary scope of the repair / renewal work. Latest ship repairs were performed in 2006 while the ship went through overhaul in excess of 40 years ago. The specialists had to add doublers in some areas of the hull. Now the thorough dockside repairs will substantively extend the life of the ship whose name is synonymous with the nascency of the nation’s Pacific Fleet.”

According to specialists, at the moment the hull has been partially blasted, and full blasting and painting will be scheduled as weather permits.

“We believe that the dry-docking period will have ended by June 10, and after that the Krasny Vympel will return to its usual location,” Igor Evdokimov, Operations Manager for the Dalzavod Ship Repair Center, said confidently. “We will have the upper deck and some elements of the superstructure replaced simultaneously. Thus one of the Vladivostok’s tourist attractions will regain its original appearance.”

We remind that the historic warship Krasny Vympel was towed and docked on April 24. The repairs will be performed under the state defense order which totals 12 billion rubles for the entire Pacific Fleet this year and provides for repairs and maintenance service on more than 250 units in the fleet.