3 Billion Worth of Equipment Being Installed in Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex

3 Billion Worth of Equipment Being Installed in Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex

Equipment installation began in the construction of the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex by Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center in Bolshoi Kamen. Installation of the first machine nears completion. Equipment, a profile cutting line and a flat metal plate processing line, will have been installed in the first two bays as early as by April. The hull fabrication workshop with six large bays will be equipped with machines and automatic lines during the entire year of 2014. Installation is directed by the IMG specialists.

“We are installing the profile cutting machine in the first bay at the moment,” Hans-Jцrg Wenzel, Project Manager for IMG, said of the activities progress. “We will commence installation of the plate cutting gantry next week; installation of production lines for micropanels will get underway within the next month, and we will install the equipment required for curved unit fabrication in this bay also”.

The largest piece of equipment, a line to produce flat units, will be installed in the 5th bay. Here will be housed the Russia’s largest automated line to assemble flat units weighing a maximum of 350 tons and measuring up to 20 meters long.  The shop’s total technology costs are in the vicinity of 3 billion rubles.

European equipment supplier specialists will be involved in all activities. The complex will utilize 15 tailor-made Finnish cranes with automatic mode, each capable of hoisting 120 tons.

“In general, the shop will annually process 45 thousand tons of steel. This throughput corresponds to roughly 10 percent of the entire Russian shipbuilding industry. We are yet to reach this level by 2019,” Yuri Filchenok, Deputy Director General for Production at Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center, said. “Personnel selection and training are more up to the minute than technical issues dealing with equipment installation. We intend to have 380 specialists including engineering and technical staff, direct labor and support workers in the shop. We, as a project initiator, have set the primary goal for 2014 of creating such a team. An array of agreements to train our specialists in classrooms and hands-on at the largest shipyards in South Korea have already been entered into with the Korean partners. Besides these 380 employees, we will add about one thousand people to work at the heavy land level where the ship’s hull is assembled. 

Once construction is completed, the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex will be the first largest shipbuilding complex in Russia able to produce all types of naval and merchant ships. Especially large sea-going ships and units for Russian sea shelf development will be constructed here above all others.