Vladimir Putin: Construction of Ice Breakers and Hi-Tech Vessels Is of Strategic Importance to Our Nation

Vladimir Putin: Construction of Ice Breakers and Hi-Tech Vessels Is of Strategic Importance to Our Nation

The Russian President Vladimir Putin chaired a meeting on the growth prospects of United Shipbuilding Corporation whose part is Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center. The meeting included Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Igor Sechin, President for Rosneft, and Valery Golubev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee for Gazprom.

“Production of ice breakers, high-tech vessels of various purposes and drilling and production installations is of strategic importance to our nation. The buildup of our presence in the Arctic regions and other areas of the World Ocean and the improvement of cost efficiency for oil and gas projects on the shelf very directly hinges on it,” Vladimir Putin remarked during his opening monologue. “Our companies are highly interested in high quality modern offshore installations for hydrocarbon exploration and production including, as already mentioned, on the shelf, in very problematic weather conditions. In this respect, I believe that the right thing to do will be to improve collaboration among USC, Gazprom, Rosneft and our other national producer companies in order to work out a clear-cut action plan for development of required offshore installations and equipment.

Vladimir Putin introduced Vladimir Shmakov, the new leader for the Corporation. He reported to President what business areas the government-owned holding company would focus on. 

“The modern general shipbuilding complex project at the Zvezda Yard, which is the largest industrial facility under construction in Primorye, requires close attention. I plan to visit the largest companies of the Corporation, its collaborative partners and major customers to personally explore all of its problems and critical issues,” Vladimir Shmakov said.

Following the meeting, Alexey Rakhmanov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, informed the journalists that “the main project for the new USC offshore construction shipyards” would become the Zvezda Shipbuilding Yard in the Russian Far East. Construction of this yard will draw the heightened attention of both the Corporation management and the government.