Radiation Emergency Exercise at the Zvezda Yard

Radiation Emergency Exercise at the Zvezda Yard

An inter-agency radiological emergency response exercise held at the site of the Zvezda yard, a part of the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center, was a success. It proved the readiness of nuclear and radiation response capabilities of the yard’s personnel and government bodies.

The full field exercise involved the units of the Eastern Command, the Pacific Navy, and the Emergency Ministry along with some other federal and regional agencies. According to the scenario, it was an accident with refueling on the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski nuclear submarine under repair that caused a release of radioactive elements into the environment. The radiation emergency had rating 5 on the INES international scale with a negative impact on the environment and people of Bolshoi Kamen.

All the FEY Zvezda staff was alerted on the emergency over the public address system and clearly instructed on further actions.

In an hour after the sounded alert, 62 submarine crew members in the center of the emergency were evacuated, decontaminated and shipped to the clean area by three tugs. The radiation monitoring service of the yard constantly tracked and surveyed the situation.

Photos: Course of the Radiation Emergency Exercise at the Zvezda Yard