Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu Presided at the Meeting on Kamchatka

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu Presided at the Meeting on Kamchatka

On a working trip to Kamchatka, Defense Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu reviewed the situation in the Russian Pacific Fleet submarine base in the city of Vilyuchinsk and toured the North Eastern Repair Center.

Later, the head of the military department chaired a meeting on fulfilling the State Defense Order.

“Stock-taking inventory should go first and only then funding, not the other way around. This procedure should be subjected to logic,” Sergey Shoigu highlighted.

Also reviewed were the issues of implementing the tasks of the State Defense Order, facilities upgrade to produce new types of military hardware, and personnel training to aid in timely and quality repairs of the Russian Navy ships and vessels.

With regard to the current matters, on the Minister’s instructions, JSC FESRC will focus its yards’ efforts on completing documentation under SDO-2012 to finally discharge their contractual obligations.

“The undersea forces of the Russian Pacific Fleet are of particular importance to the maintenance of strategic balance and military security of the Russian Federation in the Far East. The nuclear submarine base on Kamchatka is unique. It provides for easy deployment in the ocean zone that, in its turn, allows solving assigned tasks under any circumstances; our shared goal is to sustain their combat capacity,” Minister of Defense announced.