Dalzavod’s Archives: 85th Anniversary

Dalzavod’s Archives: 85th Anniversary

The archivists of JSC Dalzavod Ship Repair Center marked their day on March 10, and today they are congratulated on the anniversary of their service which turned 85 years old.

…On February 28, 1720 (March 10 in the Gregorian calendar), Peter the Great signed into law an act of state – General Procedure or Charter – that outlined the framework for organizing public administration in the country; on March 18, 1927, the archives were started by Dalzavod. This important division of the enterprise arranges the safekeeping of records and favorable conditions of their use and supplies information to federal and local public authorities.

In recent years, its circle of activities has broadened and now encompasses more than record retention issues. Beginning with January 1, 2002, the Russian Federation implements a pension reform including personalized recordkeeping of the pension rights of insured individuals as per Federal Law No. 166-FZ of December 15, 2001 On State Pension Provision in the Russian Federation.

In view of this, there was a surge in the number of requests by individuals to acknowledge their length of pensionable service, remuneration and some other information for pension award or recalculation. Data verification and copies of records will allow the citizens to apply for pension or its recalculation, obtain compensation, enjoy a number of benefits or secure any other lawful rights. The yard’s archivists now have to handle a higher work load: to process thousands of verifications on employees’ requests. The leading specialist in this business is Capitolina Svischeva. She has been with the yard for about forty years. “After all, my horoscope predicted an occupation requiring laboriousness, thoughtfulness, and smartness… ; the job fits,” Capitolina shares her thoughts. Indeed, behind the numbers of yearly remuneration amounts fitting onto a single page are mountains of storage vaults’ payrolls, personal accounts, timesheets, and other, often worn and discolored, documents sifted through, and any of them cannot be missed, or the pension rights of the applicant will be impaired.

The small team is managed by Tatiana Kiseleva. She’s been with the enterprise since 1982 when she was hired as a naval architect for the production department after graduation from the Far Eastern Polytechnic Institute. She was moved to a position of an archivist in 2005. “Before, I always found a secretary’s, an accountant’s and other paper pusher’s job boring but, in my current occupation, I’ve understood that there is a person behind every paper in this business, and we have no right to be heartless clerks…,” she says. Tatiana has been managing the structural division since 2006, and now truly she sees for herself how crucial this business is—the people and their lives and worries.

Last year, Peter Schwarz, Chairperson for the VladOpera Association, Doctor of Arts, honoris causa, visited Vladivostok on his own business. He contacted our archivists trying to obtain information on the life of his family in the pre-1917 revolution Vladivostok. The research met with no success, but “negative results are just as valuable as positive results”. The guest pointed out how welcoming the archives personnel were to the applicants, how meticulously the records were researched, and how responsibly the records were preserved.

The archives of the Dalzavod Ship Repair Center have received requests with return addresses in Australia, Germany, as well as the near abroad, Ukraine, and Belarus. And no matter how far away the addressees are, the response will be sure to arrive to them within the set-up time.

The archives staff strictly follows the procedures and rigorously performs its duties.

It is evidenced by testimonials:

“Thanks to the archives team for their good work. As a yard’s employee who has experience with the archives, I discovered its role in the economy of the yard, the region, and Russia. It makes you inadvertently appreciate our history.”

“I would like to thank our Archives for its prompt professional service for our data needs. Orderliness in the archival records is an indicator of our respect to history and the Dalzavod’s people. Save these invaluable holdings!”

The testimonials can tell you that the archives of the Dalzavod Ship Repair Center have been visited by famous historians, regional researchers and writers, science journalists, museum workers, scientists, architects, local newspaper journalists, and radio and TV reporters. Today the yard’s archives are a wealth of historical materials: photo albums, addresses of welcome and certificates of merit of the shipbuilding personnel, reports on the Dalzavodians’ achievements in the socialist competition, diplomas for winning an inter-company competition held among the industry employees and many others.