Construction progress on Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex will be reported by Viktor Ishaev to Russian President

Construction progress on Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex will be reported by Viktor Ishaev to Russian President

The Primorye working trip of Viktor Ishaev, Minister for Russian Far East, the Presidential plenipotentiary envoy in the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia, was devoted to surveying the construction progress on the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex.

This project is under control of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. The task of Viktor Ishaev as Minister for Russian Far East and the Presidential plenipotentiary envoy is not only to track the construction progress but also to assist with challenges that may arise.The envoy viewed the progress of the first stage. The hull fabrication workshop and painting workshops were completed; the space preparation activities for equipment installation are in progress. Production will commence this year. Once the first stage is put into service the yard will be capable of manufacturing ship structures weighing up to 300 tons and vessels with a launching weight up to 13 thousand tons

.“There is no doubt about the facility commissioning date; they’ve already done a lot of work”, Viktor Ishaev noted. “Our task now is to support the construction, address the challenges related to various institutions and aid in establishing a new production facility. We do not just monitor the progress on the President’s instructions but have to mutually decide how to implement the instructions of the head of the state to create one of the most cutting edge shipyards in Russia in time and to a good quality.”

The Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex is a four stage construction project. The vessel construction will start when the first stage is complete. The product range of vessels will broaden with each additional stage put into operation. The Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex is expected to manufacture tankers with a displacement of up to 350 thousand tons, LNG carriers, ice class vessels, specialized vessels, and offshore platform units in 2020.

 After the facility tour the envoy chaired a meeting to discuss the current status and prospects of the shipbuilding and ship repair yards situated in the Russian Far East and the fulfillment of the state defense procurement orders.

On a media briefing Viktor Ishaev noted in conclusion that shipbuilding in Bolshoi Kamen should be retained and developed also to ensure the defense capability of the Russian Pacific Fleet.