ASD Tug for Rosneft Floats at Khabarovsk Shipyard

ASD Tug for Rosneft Floats at Khabarovsk Shipyard

The Khabarovsk Shipyard (a part of Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center) successfully launched the tug RN Ussuri. The ceremonial event was attended by the local public leaders – Vyacheslav Shport, Interim Governor for Khabarovski Krai, and Alexander Sokolov, Khabarovsk’s Mayor – as well as Vladimir Tsybin, chief executive for Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center.

Gennady Koshkarev, Khabarovsk Shipyard Director, kicked off the launching ceremony, stating “It is a momentous and gratifying occasion for the shipyard and all of its several thousand personnel.”

“Completion of a major construction milestone is a much-expected and needed achievement for us all, for development of the Krai industry and economy. This is yet another sister tug built at the Khabarovsk Shipyard. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who works at the shipyard and contributed to hitting the goal,” Alexander Sokolov, Khabarovsk’s Mayor, stated in his welcoming remarks.

“It is pleasing that you don’t slow down construction progress, and work out on the shipway is moving forward on two ships for minor rivers and yet another ship to replace Meteor. To date, keel-laying of two further ships to replace Meteor was approved within the Khabarovski Krai Transportation Plan 2018. They are set to be commissioned as soon as 2014,” Vyacheslav Shport, Interim Governor for Khabarovski Krai, professed in his turn.

The public leaders and Vladimir Tsybin commended the best shipyard workers. More than a dozen Khabarovsk Shipyard employees were recognized with honorary resolutions by the Offices of the Governor and the Mayor.   

“It is emblematic that the Khabarovsk Shipyard celebrates its 60th anniversary year with ship float-outs. You were capable to meet challenges that faced you, and the second tug in the class was completed faster than the first. Let me applaud you on this enjoyable and marked occasion in the shipyard’s history,” said Vladimir Tsybin, chief executive for Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center.

By ancient custom a champagne bottle was broken on the side of the ship by the RN Ussuri sponsor, the young engineer of the Khabarovsk Shipyard Natalia Malysheva. Ms. Malysheva has engaged in ship construction from keel-laying.

“I saw the tug on paper and provided input in development and improvement of individual parts and machinery. It is satisfying to see her built in steel. When you look at the final product you get overwhelmed with self-satisfaction,” Natalia Malysheva expressed her thoughts.

The RN Ussuri got into the Amur waters to the ovation of the attendees. The tug built to the Rosneft’s needs is a powerful ARC4 arctic ice classed ship intended for year-round coastal ocean operation on the high seas with up to 7 meter maximum wave height. In addition to her primary role of towing and pushing, the ship can fight fires. The design is distinct in that it features a z-drive configuration as the ship’s main propulsor. The propeller is mounted in a fully steerable thrust unit that provides maneuvering in close quarters.

The tug still has a journey down the Amur to the Sea of Japan for her sea trials at the delivery site of the Khabarovsk Shipyard in Vladivostok remaining ahead before she will set sail on her free voyage.


2310 Class Specifications

Length: 22.73 m

Breadth: 10.45 m

Draft: 4.5m

Tonnage: 380 tons

2 x 2,700 kW Rolls-Royce engines

Photo Release: Launching of Z-Drive Tractor Tug RN Ussuri in Khabarovsk