PRIMORYE will be divided into four areas

PRIMORYE will be divided into four areas

Four shipbuilding and shiprepairing areas were established in Primorye under the patronage of Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing center…

As of today, the foundation of ocean-going platforms’ construction area «Vostok-Raffles» — Russian-Singaporean Company, constructing semisubmersible drilling platforms in Chajma Bay on the basis of 30th shipyard is laid.

A similar area of large-capacity vessels -«Zvezda-DSME»- is forming in the eastern part of the Far Eastern Plant «Zvezda». Now this is the Russian-Korean company whish is also at the projection and legalization stage. This shipyard will be intended for construction of large-capacity civil vessels and ice-class tankers.

Also area of submarines and waterborne ships’ repair and modernization — to satisfy the RF Pacific Fleet needs in all kinds of complex, mid-life repair and modernization of vessels — is provided in «Zvezda». Another area of ship repair in Primorskiy region — «Vladivostok» — is designed to repair the RF Pacific Fleet vessels, and over the long term — to repair the fishing and merchant vessels. It will be formed by 92nd and 178th shipyards.

For reference:

Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing Center is a subsidiary company of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, established by the presidential decree. It includes shipyards located in Primorye — «Zvezda», 178, 92 and 30 Shipyards. Shipyards located in the regions — companies in Khabarovsk and Kamchatka.