JSC «FESSC» scientific and technical library


Date of foundation: October 1, 1937 


690 001, Vladivostok, Dal’zavodskaya str., 2 bld., JSC "FESSC", STL.

Head librarian - Tushkina Tatyana Ryurikovna

Tel. (423) 221-17-34 (423), 229-99-80.

Fax (423) 222-30-02  (with a note: for the Library)



JSC «FESSC» scientific and technical library

 (Former name: scientific and technical library of JSC «HC Dal’zavod»)

 - One of the largest scientific and technical libraries in Primorskiy region and Vladivostok.

The Fund – 20.000 copies of books and about 12.000 copies of magazines.

More than 70 names of the magazines are kept in the fund – there are reference tools for magazines’ keeping.

STL Fund includes technical and scientific books in all areas of science and technology:

shipbuilding, shiprepairing, mechanical engineering, welding, metal working, heat engineering, marine diesels, electrical and radio engineering, construction, rate setting,  HR management, economics and production management, dictionaries for translation in different languages.

As well as - in philosophy, history, geography, medicine, small fiction fund.

Educational and information materials for universities and specialized secondary technical schools in all specialties.

The richest fund of reference books and encyclopedias.

Electronic catalog is kept from 1995 and contains more than 30.000 bibliographical descriptions which allow making thematical inquiries and selecting information regarding almost all themes.


Electronic catalog of Dal’zavod STL is on the web-site of Gor’kiy State Public Library (free catalog of Vladivostok libraries):


   Information regarding the main book fund is contained in the card catalogs of STL: alphabetical, systematic and systematic card index of articles.

   The Library makes individual bibliographical and actual reference lists, topical collection of all subject matters, brings the current information to all interested specialists’ notice, makes copies of documents, and records the available data to the electronic media.

There is fund of electronic books: State Standards, regulations, different technical literature - e-books, books of Marine Registry of Shipping.

   The Library performs its primary function - provide reference, scientific - technical and production literature as well as periodicals of specialists for production tasks’ performance.