Quality management system

FESRC continuously strives to improve its business operations in line with the state-of-the-art international standards based on the process and systematic approach to management. Following the decision of the company’s management to develop and introduce an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system*, FESRC underwent a certification process with the Oboroncertifica system and earned its corresponding certificates in May 2011.

Possession of an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certificate is regarded in many countries as an indicator of the company’s competiveness not only in the national market but also internationally. It is especially important as Russia has recently joined the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Certification of the quality management system will allow FESRC to assure its customers of the high quality of the company’s products, gain a further competitive edge and carve a strong niche for itself in the Russian shipbuilding and ship repair market.

FESRC’s management and staff are looking to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with its customers, partners and vendors based on the principles of transparency and trust.

Certificate of Compliance

*A quality management system (QMS) is a part of the company’s entire management system that operates to ensure a consistent quality of manufactured goods and provided services.