Our values

All the subsidiary companies of FESRC share the same set of values and regard them as a guide that directs our policies and business and, eventually, shapes our behavior.


One of FESRC’s key assets is teamwork.

Our main asset is our people.

Our team is our main driving force.

We pay much attention to our employment policy and build a team of like-minded specialists.

We encourage professionalism, mobility, flexibility, responsiveness, initiative and creative approaches in our employees.

We want our staff to work in a comfortable environment, continuously improve their expertise and be socially protected.

We are certain that this is the only way to achieve greater labor productivity, and we are willing to create the necessary conditions for each employee’s professional development and career growth.

Occupational Safety and Health

For all employees and contractors working at FESRC’s yards, we strive to assure the safest work conditions possible.

Our Safety and Health Goals

* Making employee life and limb safety a top priority

* Safety of people within our operation area and reliability of the equipment they use

 * Creation of healthy and safe work conditions

* Continuous increase of employees’ awareness regarding occupational health and safety

* Involving employees in hands-on safety inspections and hazard prevention measures in the workplace

Environmental Policy

We take a community-minded approach and implement environmentally friendly policies.

Our Environmental Targets

Prevention of environment pollution through efficient resource use, proper waste disposal and employment of ‘no-environmental harm’ technologies

Strict observance of environmental protection legislation and industrial waste management requirements

Environmental emergency prevention and mitigation

Cooperation with environmental organizations to improve the system

Quality Policy

We draw on the best global practices, and continuous quality improvement of our products and services is our main goal.

Our Quality Goals

- Implementation of an integral system of standards and procedures in our subsidiaries

- Improvement of transparency and manageability in the organizational structure, business processes and functions

- Use of modern and technically sound engineering solutions

- Improvement of production efficiency by means of process streamlining and decreasing the percentage of defective products

- Continuous improvement of production control through implementation of state-of-the-art technologies and improvement of production standards

- Continuous improvement of personnel’s expertise in the field of quality assurance